What we will do for you

    We provide assistance with every aspect of your campaign and advise you on how to be the best candidate you can be. We work closely with your local organizations and Republican party leadership to support a united front.

“United we Stand - Divided we Fall”

Campaign Plans & Budgeting

  • Strategic individualized plans to fit the needs of your campaign.


  • Specializing in event planning, targeted fund-raising letters, phone bank solicitation & online donations.

Direct Mail & Media

  • Creative, innovative & eye catching pieces that convey your message without being just "another piece of mail" or “another political commercial”.

Volunteer Recruitment & Training

  • We will train your current volunteers, assist you with recruiting new volunteers, help them discover their individual talents and encourage active participation.

Grass-Roots Planning

  • Our aggressive planning will get your message to as many voters as you need to win.

Debate Prep & Press

  • We train you to keep your focus and stay on message when faced with potentially difficult questions.  

Image Consultation

  • As a candidate it is imperative that you are portrayed as such. We will work with you so you stand out in a crowd.


  • The last 72hrs of your campaign will be filled with targeted phone calls, last minute door-to-door campaigning, media pushes and aggressive voter contact.

Challenger training

  • Voter fraud is an unacceptable problem in the United States.  We help staff all voting districts and train volunteers to be aware of what to look for and how to deal with voter fraud.

and much more...